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We offer Data and AI Officer as a Service, which is a flexible, low risk and cost-effective way to adopt AI and Data transformation.

Offering a suite of services and assisting your business all the way from the discovery stage to design and deploy, and ultimately democratising data and AI across your organisation!

We are leaders in Ethics Management, Hybrid Cloud Setup, and Data and AI Design

Vision, Passion and Intelligence!

Decades of experience and listed in the DataIQ Top 100 data leaders for 2021 for our contributions in the Private and Public sector over the last 20 years.
We are passionate about adding value with our technical skills and creativity by building beneficial Data and AI solutions. 
As an established thought-leader and experts within the AI, data and IT world, we specialise in data strategy, AI-Readiness, mentoring and guiding leaders with AI, Data & Digital Transformation.  

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Sherin Mathew

Chief AI Officer, Data & AI Strategist.


Founder of the largest AI community in the North UK - AI Tech North.

Founder & CEO of Innovation Exchange, a global knowledge-sharing platform.

Founder of Public Intelligence, an open AI ethical platform to build accountable AI practically.


Listed in the DataIQ Top 100 data leaders for 2021 for Sherin's contributions in the Private and Public sector over the last 15+ years.

Sherin is an established thought-leader and specialises in Data and AI-readiness & Digital Transformation. 

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Our Story


A data consultancy founded in 2015, is a provider of Business Intelligence Solutions, and Information Technology Services, rebranded in 2021 to delivery our AI offerings. 


The explosion of data in today’s world is rapidly shaping the landscape of our life and business around us. This has led to an urgent need to process massive amounts of data and obtain meaningful information. Therefore, We work closely with our clients to provide Business improvements and outstanding business intelligence solution helping gain business benefits from the raw data.

Aivantage is honoured that our customers have chosen our growing organization for our determination to continue providing the exceptional level of quality and customer satisfaction for which we are recognized.


To reduce risk to provide a smooth programme transition, and to ensure expert technical delivery the first time, we have identified several key considerations: our programme management, business process analysis, and requirements management methodologies and control mechanisms are in place from programme and projects start to finish. We maintain and nurture a flexible and collaborative communications infrastructure.